Welcome to go green cuisine!

Food, earth, community.

If I had to define our basic needs, that is where I would probably start. If we let “food” cover water, flora and fauna– if we let “earth” reach from the highest peaks to downtown Manhattan– if we let community include both literal and symbolic shelter– then we come closer to recognizing what humanity shares across the globe.

In 2011, I created a tumblr food blog titled “Cooking 101”, which then branched off to my second food blog, “Cooking 102: Messy College Kitchen”. By establishing go green cuisine, I have decided to concentrate all of my food writing into one website with an important theme: how food, the earth, and social justice come together.

As a senior-year undergraduate, I sometimes find myself sitting at a classroom desk with my head in my hands. There are so many ideas out there just waiting to come to fruition, yet I find myself hopelessly studying and walking to the rhythm of life while I want to make a change. This past semester, however, I realized that I can begin to make a small but steady impact by simply altering everyday habits; by eating responsibly, I can decrease my carbon footprint while supporting an equitable food system! This excited English-major-French-minor-Environmental-studies-concentrator in Worcester, MA couldn’t resist the opportunity to create an entire website dedicated to the subject when she realized that blogging was a necessary component of her course on Digital Writing.

My over-arching goal with go green cuisine is to provide recipes, tips and information on how to support food security and the environmental movement from one’s own kitchen. I hope that readers will find how simple it is to reduce their carbon footprint or support the greater community by putting together the right ingredients. Personally, I find that cooking and partaking in good meal are two moments I greatly cherish with friends and family. Every person should have the right to experience this feeling; it is my hope that by eating responsibly, we can support a future where good meals are shared by everyone.