About ggc’s Author

escargot picHello! My name is Alexandra Constantine. I recently graduated from College of the Holy Cross with a major in English, a minor in French, and a concentration in Environmental Studies. Future aspirations include writing for a living, loving those who surround me, and changing the world by leading a life of positive action.

In 2011 I started a tumblr food blog titled “Cooking 101” which later sprouted into its sister, “Cooking 102: Messy College Kitchen”. Two summers later, I learned how food security and social justice are a combined effort while interning at a non-profit community farm (check out my reflections on the experience at this blog). During this time I went from healthy food fanatic to healthy vegetarian food fanatic, omnivore student abroad who forgot her blog existed to suddenly-senior-year-student-with-a-vegetarian-relapse-crisis.  If you include the humbling realities I learned during my Fall semester course on global poverty, civil religion, and the environment, you’ll understand that go green cuisine is a product of my liberal arts education. Each day I grow closer to understanding why my professors were all cynics– moreover, I understand why they never gave up. It doesn’t hurt to stay positive because even if the glass is half empty, it’s also half full.

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go green cuisine is my attempt to bring my passions for food and writing together, highlighted by a concern for the global community and an excitement for life. It is partly a personal ambition to learn how to reduce my own negative impact (i.e. carbon footprint, supporting ethical companies, etc.), and partly my small contribution to the huge discussion on how to care for the environment and our neighbors.

I’m not expecting to find every answer, because no one answer exists. But I hope you and I can work together to realize a small yet powerful change.

Have any ideas, comments, or recommendations? I always welcome feedback– this blog follows my personal discovery on how to “eat responsibly”, and I may stumble along the way. Please fill out the contact form below to get in touch! Thanks for reading!