About the Website

1. What is the point?

go green cuisine focuses on the link between what we eat, the environment, and social justice. This website is driven by the idea that environmentalism and social justice have roots in the kitchen — that small, consistent changes to our everyday eating habits can have far-reaching impacts on where we live and who we live with. ggc is a privately-owned website, but that does not prevent it from having a mission and a vision (see below).
Here you will find tips, recipes, and little bits of info that support a healthy, equitable food system. But don’t forget…

2. Transmit only is boring.

This is a conversation, and the comment button is there for a reason! The website’s author encourages questions, observations, contributions, debate, etc. Have something to say? I want to hear. As I write this blog I learn, too.

3. Do not let the trifling .net domain fool you!

go green cuisine may be ambitious in scope, but it is not an idealist’s website. The goal is to discuss paths to practical, viable change… not Utopia.

4. My jokes are not always funny, but I try my best!

Here’s a pun to get started: after reading go green cuisine I hope you will agree that it is simple to make changes in our eating habits to benefit our food system… it’s just a question of putting the right ingredients together.

 ggc’s Mission

To be a source of information on the many easy adjustments we can make in our eating habits to support a just and sustainable food system.

ggc’s Vision

Universal access to healthy, unadulterated food that is grown with the least amount of negative environmental consequences possible. Basically, a world where good meals can be shared by everyone.