Certification, certification, certification…

There was a news story last night about the “Made in Brooklyn” fad that has gently carried itself into New York culture over the past three years. There is no doubt that this bustling borough has recently become an icon for the public eye– even Vogue was daring enough to compare Brooklyn with the most romanticized city in […]

A sneak peek on student dining…

Next week I will be posting my digital essay about student dining at college. If you want a sneak preview of some of the topics I plan to explore, click the link below to listen to my latest podcast (featured in the essay) with Emma, a fellow classmate and close friend, as we discuss both the difficulties […]

44 Years of Earth Day… Moving Towards Green Cities

Yesterday marked the world’s 44th Earth Day. At its heart, Earth Day aims to raise awareness and encourage consciousness about the environmental movement. Today, over 1 billion people celebrate Earth Day. Growing from a national rally of 20 million Americans, Earth Day has become the largest secular international holiday. This year, the Earth Day Network (EDN) promoted […]

What’s “Behind the Brands” of the World’s 10 Biggest Food and Beverage Companies?

After years of receiving evaluations from school or work, it’s time for you to give a report card. That’s right- Oxfam, one of the leading international non-profits battling poverty and social injustice, created a Company Score Card for the world’s ten largest food and beverage companies. Let me emphasize: Oxfam is grading THE WORLD’S ten largest food and […]

What is “WooFood”?

One of the requirements is that “A WooFood dish must taste good”. In my opinion, that’s a pretty good start. The WooFood certification was created by three medical students from Massachusetts who decided that healthy eating shouldn’t be reserved for meals at home- it should be an option anywhere you eat. How often have you […]

I bet you didn’t know you could eat these.

It’s April and it’s time to discuss our next in-season vegetable: Pea Shoots in Massachusetts! That’s right- you can eat those springy green curlicues on the stem of a pea plant. Sound strange? Well, it’s time to try something new! (Don’t live in Massachusetts? Check out our post “Spring Forward: Eating Fruits and Veggies in Season” to […]

Guest Post from “Kelly Green”

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Dyer; I’m a college student, environment lover and the author of “Kelly Green,” a blog about eco friendly living. One of the themes of my blog, “Kelly Green,” is creating change through simple, everyday swaps. Alexandra’s “Go Green Cuisine” also advocates for making changes in your daily routine, but […]