Certification, certification, certification…

There was a news story last night about the “Made in Brooklyn” fad that has gently carried itself into New York culture over the past three years. There is no doubt that this bustling borough has recently become an icon for the public eye– even Vogue was daring enough to compare Brooklyn with the most romanticized city in the world, Paris.

Unmistakably branching out of locavore mentality, Made-in-Brooklyn-lovers are seeking products such as chocolate and beer that are solely produced in the western-most county of Long Island. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce now agrees, however, that the manufacturer’s word will no longer suffice.

"Made in Brooklyn" Gold Seal-- Image Captured from News12 Report from June 25, 2014
“Made in Brooklyn” Gold Seal– Image Captured from News12 Report from June 25, 2014

All goods that want to boast their origins in Brooklyn will now have to obtain one of three “Brooklyn Made” seals. The seal will be gold, silver, or bronze depending upon a variety of determinants in the production process (i.e. amount of product production that takes place in Brooklyn, amount of product assembly in Brooklyn, etc.) all of which are still under consideration by the NYU Wagner Capstone Team. Seeing that the certification standards are not yet clearly established, the Chamber of Commerce does not provide much information on its website.